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Sub Prepaid Meters

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Freehold residential properties often have additional dwellings constructed on them. These dwellings may be semi-detached from the main dwelling structure or may stand independently on the property. Such structures are often let to a tenant and are considered a good way for landlords to supplement their household income or reduce the amount of their own cash that they must pay to their monthly mortgage installment.

Such situations do however create a problem when it comes to charging for consumption of utilities as freehold properties are generally only fitted with one primary meter.


The prepaid meter installation can be done in both existing buildings and new buildings. The prepaid submeters are installed before the supply reaches the distribution board of the property.

  • The council bulk meter will supply the prepaid meters in each of the units
  • In existing buildings, where sub meters are already present, they can be either left or removed

A Site meeting will be necessary to establish the cost of the installation and type of meter. This meeting will cost R300 plus Vat and will be debited off the Invoice if the go ahead is given.