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"Don't play with can kill"

Working with electricity from the early 80's I have witnessed two electrocutions, several burns, and fires from dangerous faults and many many electrical shocks.

Most fires are caused by "hot connections" which can start in the Distribution Board, in a pipe behind a wall, in a switch socket, wiring in the ceiling.

Most common Emergency situations :

  • No Power, could be a result of loose or burnt wires.
  • Circuit Breaker Tripping, could be a result of a short circuit or overload conditions.
  • Earth Leakage Unit Tripping, occurs when more than 30mA of leakage is measured. Neutral down to Earth
  • Faulty Appliance or a culmination of appliances that result in more than a fault of 30mA being drawn.
  • Live wires on the roof
  • No Earths
  • Live metal cover plates
  • Wires burning in Ceiling Space: Halogen Lamps causing burning of conductors.
  • Distribution Board faults : Loose Neutrals, Loose Connections resulting in hot connections!

For a 24 Hour Service contact Rob on 071 533 6466

There is no call out fee.

R620 per hour and R820 per hour after hours (ex Vat). If the fault is deemed from Eskom / City of Cape Town te charge will be reduced to R320 plus vat.